[Mailman-Users] what to do when you have list <list> *and* list <list>-admin?

Jessica Koeppel jessica at anticlockwise.com
Sat Dec 22 20:32:24 CET 2001

Markus Kachel wrote:
>I thing, that it is the best solution to change the name for the
>second list. Many list-robots use <list>-admin as the adress for the
>Admin or Moderator of the list, for example Mailman and Majordomo. So
>it is nearly a standard, because it is often used.

Hi Markus,
I definitely understand - and I agree with you completely! But,
the ultimate decision doesn't lie in my hands, as the lists have
been around for a while and are run by someone else, who may not
want to change the names. :/ I've asked if we can change them,
but don't have an answer yet. Meantime, I'm going to see if I can
change mailman to use something else, just in case the answer comes
back "no".


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