[Mailman-Users] gate_news

J.D. Bronson lists at xpec.com
Sat Dec 22 21:06:06 CET 2001

I have an issue I need some advice on.

We use the gate_news feature to get usenet news -> to email and it works well.
It is set as default to poll each 5mins.

I have suddenly and unexplainably run into a problem with my NNTP provider 

I get AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED even when I am supplying the correct login/pass.

So...after contacting them - I discovered the following:

We are indeed connecting each 5mins, but authenticating more than 1X.

I have 12 lists that I created that 'suck' news feeds. It seems that the 
script will login/logout for each of these groups (rather than login 1X and 
grab ALL the news from ALL the groups at once)...this happening all at once
is annoying the AUTH server and therefore denying access with a stupid error.

I usually get a few posts for the 1st few groups and then BOMB out.

What can I do to correct this supposed incorrect behavior?

I am running mailman 2.0.8 under OpenBSD 3.0 - any comments or advice would 
be appreciated. The NNTP provider claims this is not their issue to fix, 
and I have a problem with that. But, since they are unwilling to do 
anything, I need to 'shim' it on my end.


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