[Mailman-Users] Monthly Password Reminders Not Sent

Stephen Denny sdenny at casadenny.com
Sun Dec 23 02:03:04 CET 2001

I found this (below) in the archives.  Is it still true on 2.0.7 - one
public list is necessary?


Dan Mick dan.mick at west.sun.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 03:54:50 -0800


Jacopo Silva wrote:
> Hi all,
> my (2) mailman installations (2.0.1) seem to
> work ok, but I still cannot get the sending of
> monthly password reminders.

> even if I exec python -S mailpasswds manually I do not
> get nothing sent to users, but the script exits normally.
> How can I debug this failure? What am I missing?

There has to be at least one public list for the reminders to work.
I'm not sure why this is.

Stephen Denny                                 sdenny at casadenny.com

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