[Mailman-Users] Mailman not sending out mail

Michelle Brownsworth michelle at primelogic.com
Thu Dec 27 19:42:55 CET 2001

>Yes, actually, I had a very similar problem to this on my system, that all
>the configuring of sendmail short of making it an open relay could not fix.
>I eventually switched to postfix and I havent had a single problem since.
>    -Richard Idalski

Okay, given that a slew of messages are undeliverable due to domain 
resolution problems, which Mailman nevertheless keeps trying to 
deliver, apparently clogging things up, how do I clear them out? 
Delete all files from the qfiles directory again?  Also, I don't 
believe Mailman processed the entire list, since my address was in 
the list and I haven't received the post yet.


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>I don't know if this is relevant to the problem, but I do have my MTA
>(sendmail) configured to resolve domains.  Could the large number of
>undelivered messages in qfiles cause Mailman to choke on the timeouts
>and resolve errors it's no doubt getting from sendmail?
>Michelle Brownsworth
>System Administrator
>PrimeLogic Corporation

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