[Mailman-Users] -request errors and password question

Nissley_Ron/EMM at mail.emm.org Nissley_Ron/EMM at mail.emm.org
Wed Dec 26 20:46:58 CET 2001

When I send -request messages to my list, for example 
list-request at mail.mydomain.org, I receive errors like this:

This is an automated response.

There were problems with the email commands you sent to Mailman via
the administrative address <list-request at mail.mydomain.org>.

To obtain instructions on valid Mailman email commands, send email to
<list-request at mail.mydomain.org> with the word "help" in the subject 
or in the body of the message.

The odd thing is that the correct result of the -request command is 
usually below this "error" message. Anyone have an idea what might be 
going on?

Also, I would like to configure a list so that the subscribers are not 
required to have passwords. Is this possible?


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