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jgo john at nisus.com
Sat Dec 29 08:53:09 CET 2001

> Kevin Brouelette 2001-12-27 18:28:50 -0800 wrote:
>> Drama Share wrote:
>> Can you tell me if, (and if so where), a subscriber can be blocked,
>> other than through just using the moderate features.

> If you are using Sendmail you may block them before they
> even get handed off to mailman.

> I'll give you a hint,

> /etc/mail/access  and
> /etc/mail/addess.db

Good hint.  Once one has jiggered permissions, created the
/etc/mail/access   done the makemap to create the
/etc/mail/access.db  how does one go about telling sendmail
to actually make use of it (the default "data-base", the
README says, is /etc/mail/access and gives that weird form
   makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access
but I see in the <http://www.brettglass.com/spam.html> doc
that he says "By default, the data-base is /etc/mail/access.db;
it's built from the text file /etc/mail/access by a Makefile...").
Please, clarify.

I can see that I need to edit either a .m4 or .mc file
(which I do not know, and there are dozens of them), and
then run it through m4 using m4 or ./Build in the cf directory,
which latter doesn't appear to be there (ahh, Build is not there,
but cf/ is).

I can see that when I find the right file, I need to make
sure it has the line
FEATURE(access_db, `hash /etc/mail/access.db')dnl

Does the .cf file have to be named config.cf for sendmail to
find and use it?  What directory should be its residence?
And what does "For 'traditional' versions, ${CFDIR} ***MUST***
 be '..'" mean, since, normally, ".." means merely the directory
just above the current directory but says not what one's current
directory should be when one is trying this?

Oh, and don't forget to restore the permissions, and don't forget:
chmod go-w / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/mqueue
chown root / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /ver/spool/mqueue

>>> Mac OS X 10.1.2 (not OS X Server)
>>> sendmail 8.10.2-26.2
>>> mailman 2.0.7
>>> Apache 1.3.22

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