[Mailman-Users] Password for posting to announce-only list

Anand Desai ad3u at cms.mail.virginia.edu
Sun Dec 30 03:59:23 CET 2001


I'm new to this list, so I apologize if my question appeared soon 
before, but I didn't see it in the archives.

I'm setting up an announce-only Mailman list for a weekly newsletter 
with about 1200 members, so it's very important that no unauthorized 
users can post. Is there a way to configure Mailman to require a 
password for posting? I'm worried that a fake message appearing to 
come from the address of an authorized poster would be sent to the 

Ideally I would like to have several addresses from which messages 
could be posted with a password or some other means of 
authentication. If messages can be posted from the Web interface with 
a password, that would be OK as well.

Thanks in advance!

--Anand Desai

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