[Mailman-Users] create script missing in 2.0.8 installation

David Chin dwchin at umich.edu
Sun Dec 30 14:10:20 CET 2001

In message < at mail.venus.it>, Luigi Rosa write
> At 30/12/2001 07.54 -0500, David Chin wrote:
> >I just installed mailman 2.0.8, and was able to use the command-line to
> >create a test list, and also a functioning (non-test) list.  However, there
> >seems to be no "create" script as the documentation seems to suggest.  Is
> >this right?  Or is my install broken?
> AFAIK, there is no such script: you have to create the list and then 
> cut-and-paste the aliases into your alias file.

My mistake:  I was looking at the 2.1 docs, instead of the 2.0.* docs.

--Dave Chin
  dwchin at umich.edu

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