[Mailman-Users] Reg. configuration of new lists / wrong urls in admin interface ..

Jorgen Skogstad - Sun Norway - System Specialist - Professional Services Jorgen.Skogstad at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 28 23:26:15 CET 2001

Kindest ..

I'm having a few problems with my setup of Mailman. I've configured
Aolserver v3.x to run Mailman as a cgi application. Now I can configure
a new mailing list and see it in the listing/first page;


I can click on the test list .. and login and then is forwarded to the
administrative interface;


This is when the problem starts; all urls listed in the "header" here
are given wrong; in essence all urls here are missing the "mailman"
part of the url which of course gives an error when clicked as the
target url then does not reach the "cgi enabled page 'domain'".

The urls on this page are;

. and so forth.

I've tried the following things;

1) Verified the Defaults.py script;
   DEFAULT_URL         = 'http://www.<domain>.no/mailman/'
   ... which should be correct ..

2) Not put anything in the mm_cfg.py file ..
   ... which should make the lists use the "Defaults.py" file;
   DEFAULT_URL ... but urls are still wrong ..

3) Used config_list to export all list information .. edited
   it to reflect the correct url .. imported it again .. and
   the urls end up wrong again.

. how on earth can I get this to work?! Would appriciate any
input .. as I'm at a dead end here. I really do not want to
hack around in the code as I am not a Python expert .. at least
not yet. ;)

Anyone have some tips they could share as to what I can do
next? Would be greatly apriciated!

All of you have a real nice day!


Med vennlig hilsen,
Jørgen Skogstad

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