[Mailman-Users] Setup help

Dick Chagnot handyman at strato.net
Sat Dec 29 13:06:37 CET 2001

I have a website named service-handyman.com hosted by
YGC.  They furnish mailman as their webmail handling program.
I am attempting to setup a list to receive a form from my site to furnish the first name and email address of visitors that wish to subscribe to my newsletter.  I would like to set this up so that when they click on the subscribe button, the name and email address is added to the subscriber list.  All the attempts I have tried attempt to post the information to the list and I get an administrative request to accept or reject the information for POSTING.  I want the submitted name and address added to the maillist not posted.  How do I set this up?  
YGC advised me to use the subscribe form but it contains
passwords, no name input and other info I do not need.
Please help.
Dick Chagnot
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