[Mailman-Users] Brain Dead

mel kd5de at nwla.com
Mon Dec 31 14:45:04 CET 2001

Well I am know to have my "Senior Moments", But this morning I have
experienced total brain death. I am trying to get the copyright character into
a footer on a Announce Only list that is a daily devoitional that is published
by one of my clients. I think that I tried everything under the sun but the
right syntax. Someone help this old grouch please.

BTW this is the list server that is verylow in horsepower and I have cloned
the whole mess to a test box and trying so far in vain to get postfix to work
in a total virtual domain setup. But since all 14 of the list are announce
only and they become active at midnight tonight maybe it will hold up until I
can get postfix up on a better server. Thanks for the postfix hints and kinks.
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