[Mailman-Users] Mailman/Sendmail issue

David Krebsbach davidk at expressdata.net
Mon Dec 31 16:49:24 CET 2001

The server platform is RedHat version 7.2, Sendmail 8.11 and Mailman 2.08.
My problem is an error generated when the post script is run. If my sendmail
config file MTA entry is set for the correct IP an error is generated in the
mailman/smtp error log "connection refused", but I can send email back and
forth through Sendmail. If I put the loopback address for the MTA
in my sendmail config file the postings will go out but mail cannot be sent
back to the server since the loopback address is in the config file not the
correct ip address. I found a couple of archives referring to the connection
refused error, but I could not find any response to correct the problem. Any
guidance would be appreciated. 

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