[Mailman-Users] Two questions

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Thu Feb 1 09:30:09 CET 2001

    The first one I posted a few days back and got no reply:

    1) Mass Subscribing:
       When mass subscribing through the web interface, mailman sends
       out one single 'Subscribe Successful' for each email subscribing.

       Meaning, if I put in 100 emails to be subscribed, I will also
       receive 100 emails telling me such and such successfully
       subscribed (each one with a different email of course).  Is there

       any way to have mailman send out ONE email containing all emails?

       Just like it displays all the emails at the top of the page after


    2) Stale Locks
       Every once in a while I'll check on the locks directory and find
       a whole bunch of them in there, all stale (anywhere from a few
       hours, days, sometimes weeks (if I don't check it for a while).
       Why are these becoming stale?  And, does anyone have some
       intelligent way of dealing with this?  Perhaps a script (through
       a crontask) that runs every hour, checking for stale locks (say
       locks that are older than one hour), and clear them?  If not I'll

       probably write a perl script or something to that nature.  I just

       don't want to reinvent the wheel.

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