[Mailman-Users] Speeding up delivery

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at InTechnology.co.uk
Fri Feb 2 11:23:56 CET 2001

Florian.Weimer at RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE said:
> My mailer (Exim) delivers a message for multiple recipients
> sequentially. 

As well as the mailman tweaks, you can tell exim to do parallel 
delivery - see the documentation for 'remote_max_parallel' at:-

You can do both of these together - and in fact I do on the exim site 
although the config for that is done by feel rather than testing 
combinations rigorously.  In general you will get 95% of recipients 
delivered fast, and the others will stick for reasons outside your 

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