[Mailman-Users] error

Scott Brown scott-brown at home.com
Sat Feb 3 02:35:12 CET 2001

> So, if sgid CGIs don't run, but non-sgid CGIs do (but can't work),
> is your Apache config such that sgid CGIs aren't permitted
> by a mere ScriptAlias, like, are you using suEXEC or something?
> I don't see this error in my Apache source, so maybe the ability
> to run sgid CGIs by default has changed
> from an older to a newer Apache or something?...

This does sound like an SUExec problem...

I got around SUExec by creating a new subdomain for each virtual domain
named 'Mailman', and setting the USER and GROUP of those subdomains to be
that which Mailman itself expected (nobody/nobody) in my case.

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