[Mailman-Users] Wish: Change address.

Jeb Bateman jeb at ocha.net
Wed Feb 7 01:17:37 CET 2001

It's funny you guys should even argue about this, since it's already
coded in bin/clone-member -r and just needs a CGI interface wrapped
around it, (which I plan to try doing in PHP or Python shortly ;-)

It's just a matter of authenticating a member (though a Mailman list
password, or some other site-wide method, and then trusting them to
enter their new address correctly)...  If you can't trust this, then
it's probably easier to just insist on sub/unsub instead of trying to
add another level of verification to this at the moment; (although I
hope Mailman will be able to provide a general email verification
interface in the future), and then make passwords optional.


Dan Mick wrote:
> Thomas Roessler wrote:
> > On 2001-02-06 14:18:02 -0800, Dan Mick wrote:
> > > Explain to these users that there is no "identity" they have on
> > > the mailing list except their subscription name;
> > > "danmick at yahoo.com" is a completely different person than
> > > "dmick at west.sun.com" as far as the software is concerned.  So
> > > there really is no difference at all between
> > > unsubscribe/resubscribe and "change", nor can there be.
> > 
> > So what?  I'm not talking about the basic concept, but about the
> > user interface and actions needed to accomplish a certain effect.
> > 
> > There's no reason (maybe with the exception of feasibility ;-) why
> > this unsubscribe/resubscribe action shouldn't be hidden behind a
> > simple user interface, which could - at the same time - (1) preserve
> > all the user's settings, and (2) could even give users an option to
> > automatically perform this operation for all lists under this
> > mailman instance's control.
> Yes, that's inarguable.  You could also make it so that the mailing
> list software wipes the user's butt for them; it's only a matter of
> hardware and the right testing procedure.
> IMO, there are more-pressing problems, but obviously opinions differ.

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