[Mailman-Users] crontab overwritten!!

Matt Thoene lists at thoene.net
Thu Feb 8 05:19:31 CET 2001

I hope you su'd to the user Mailman before doing the crontab crontab.in!!!
Doing it as root will most certainly overwrite roots crontab entries.


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::???  The standard Mailman installation does nothing at all with
::crontabs, and certainly nothing with root's crontab.  Did you
::install some RPM or something?
::> I recently installed mailman on my server, and just wanted to alert you
::> guys to a serious bug: During the installation my crontab for root was
::> overwritten
::> and replaced in its  entirety with only mailman entries. This caused
::> considerable
::> headaches. You might want to check that the crontab info is *added*
::> instead
::> of overwritten.
::> Thanks, -Borries
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