[Mailman-Users] Message-id?

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Thu Feb 8 17:09:59 CET 2001

I don't think the RFCs have anything to say about what email I read
and what I throw away.  And, I don't route directly to /dev/null; I
toss it into a spam folder that I check about once a month.  There's
very little legitimate email in there.  What little there is, is 
always machine-generated.  I've notified a few of the senders that
they're sending mail without a Message-Id and most have changed
their mailbots.  A few have gone out of business.

 - George "But, I don't like Spam."

> Chuq Von Rospach said:
> On 2/8/01 7:28 AM, "George Dinwiddie" <gdinwiddie at min.net> wrote:
> > Hmmm...  Trashing mail without a Message-Id: header is my most effective
> > spam filter.
> It's just against the RFCs and subject to (as you now find out) false
> positives. Makes one wonder how much of that spam you think it's effective
> against isn't... 

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