[Mailman-Users] Lyris List server

Kevin McCann kmccann at bellanet.org
Wed Feb 14 16:06:29 CET 2001

At 03:38 PM 2001/02/14 +0200, Pieter Boshoff wrote:
>I would like to know if there are anybody how have successfully migrated
>Lyris to Mailman?


I was able to move a list over from Lyris to Mailman but there was a 
problem with processing the exported archive file (created using the Lyris 
exp-arc.pl script). I could not get the old messages processed by Pipermail 
at all, although I had better luck with MHonarc. Lyris stores its messages 
with double carriage returns and I had to convert them to single CRs before 
Mhonarc would process them properly. To fix a Lyris exported archive file, 
just do something like this in Perl:

#! /usr/bin/perl
open(INFILE,"@ARGV") || die "Couldn't open input file\n";
open(OUTFILE,"> @ARGV.fix") || die ;
while (<INFILE>) {
         $line = $_;
         $line =~ s/\r\r/\r/g;
         print OUTFILE $line;

If you  name the above script "fixfile.pl", then just do:

 > fixfile.pl  mylist-l.txt

And you'll get a fixed file called  "mylist-l.txt.fix"

If you figure out how to get Pipermail to process the fixed import file, 
let me know.

As far as members go, you'll have to use (or write) a script on the Lyris 
side to create a file that contains addresses for regular Lyris members and 
another file for digest and index Lyris members and use the mailman 
add_members command to add them:

 > add_members -n  regular_members.txt  mylist-l
 > add_members -d  digest_members.txt  mylist-l

Your index users will have to be advised that the best you can do for them 
is set them to digest (unless mailman has an index subscribers feature and 
I'm not aware of it).

As you're probably aware, Lyris is feature-rich. Many Lyris list 
configuration options simply do not exist in Mailman (I'd say that 80% of 
stuff on the Mailman wish list exists in Lyris), so you'll have to keep 
this in mind when creating your lists. Administrators and members will lose 
options and you may want to make them aware of that beforehand rather than 
suffering their wrath after the fact.

Good luck!

- Kevin

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