[Mailman-Users] comments plz: mailman as single accounts?

Dave dave at biojazz.com
Thu Feb 15 12:59:36 CET 2001

Hey List...

What do you think and got any known tips/hints on using mailman as a
business/office "single-user mail server" interface in addition to its "real"
purpose? By this I mean, for example, new employee comes in, I say go to URL so
and so and subscribe. Once done, the request would go to admin  of the "list."
Then the data are piped to useradd, smb, etc. to make it simple. I've left out
the gory details of coding it for this because I haven't done it yet. Feedback
appreciated ;-)

ah, a list of one? It could probably do a lot...auto-build office-wide broadcast
email, targeted discussions, and so on...


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