[Mailman-Users] Stupid Headers

Thomas Hillson hillson at iastate.edu
Fri Feb 16 18:03:18 CET 2001

There are probably lots of people out there who would like to
get rid of the stupid headers. But unlike Ed Lazor, they are not
willing to take the crap you have been throwing at him.

None of my lists are subscription lists they are information
lists where my boss and the other administrators are sending
information to a preset list of users. The headers are stupid
and confusing, there is no reason for them on these lists.

After I saw all the bashing Ed has taken I emailed him about
it and got the information directly on how the modify the
CookHeaders.py file and clean out all that junk.

I would much rather you the developers would pull your collective
heads back on to a plane where the rest of us exist and create an
option that allows us to list by list have the headers or remove
them. There are some lists that I am creating now that could use
the headers, but since I had to hack the code to remove them, they
are gone.

If you do not want to be friendly and helpful that is great we
will just continue to hack the code to make it work the way it
needs to under out conditions.

I do disagree with Ed it is not a matter of freedom, it is a matter of
respect, and some of you having not shown any respect for Ed and his
opinions. He started out being very respectful of you and he had been
very considerate until some of you started getting nasty about him
requesting for something constructive changes be made that would help
him and other users. However some of you have decided that your view
of mailman and how it works is some sacred dogma, and any changes that
might upset your sacred cow are stupid and you should belittle and
attack the person making the suggestions. He has never called any of
you names or attacked you but several of you have made it a policy to
belittle and attack every post he has made.

This is the worst group I have ever seen when it comes to responding
to someone's reasonable request. Most Linux and Open Source Developers
I have communicated with and worked with respect the user and take
their comments as possible recommendations.

I will probably never post to this list again, but I was feed up with
the crap some of you were feeding to Ed and I just want you to know
his opinions are shared by others.

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