[Mailman-Users] one list stopped working

Ken Sain ksain at mail.gencom.net
Tue Feb 20 17:32:38 CET 2001

i installed this list serve machine about a year ago, and have had zero
problems with it until this morning.

a client that admins one of our lists called and said that he couldn't log into
the admin page anymore (www.123.com/mailman/admin/list)

sure enough, when i try, netscape eventually errors with "page contained no
data, contact the server admin."

so, i checked my apache logs, nothing.  checked mailman's logs, and nothing
out of the normal appears there.  i used the check_db & check_perms in
/mailman/bin and everything is kosher.  running list_members against that
list shows me the correct info.

going to www.123.com/mailman/admin  shows all my lists, including this one.
i can successfully get into all lists, except this one.

nothing has been added/removed on this machine since it went into production.
running mailman-2.0beta5

any ideas/thoughts/suggestions?
# Ken Sain				 ksain at gencom.net	#
# Systems Administrator                  850.309.7999 - office	#
# Genesis Communications Network	 888.598.8942 - pager	#

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