[Mailman-Users] qfiles directory

Teo de Hesselle teo.dehesselle at uts.edu.au
Wed Feb 21 00:26:51 CET 2001

Dan Lowe wrote:
> Well, this is a snippet of your SMTP transaction between Mailman and
> Sendmail (localhost port 25).  I don't know what you know about SMTP, but I
> find it interesting that it seems to get a 450 response code back from
> Sendmail rather than a 250.  400-series errors are in the "temporary
> failure" category, which would imply that Sendmail is rejecting the mail,
> not outright, but on a temporary basis.  Thus, Mailman would keep them in
> the queue for later retry (rather than deleting them from the queue due to
> successful delivery, or returning an error, from final rejection).

Thank you very much for pointing that out. It appears that sendmail was
rejecting email addresses outside our domain, for no great reason. In
any case I put a brand new config file in which was as simple as
possible, and now everyone is happy. The messages did take 14 hours or
so to flush completely though.

Téo de Hesselle
Email Administrator

Information Technology Division
University of Technology, Sydney

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