[Mailman-Users] what's wrong with my list?

Pete Jewell morph at softhome.net
Thu Feb 22 01:12:33 CET 2001

Dan Mick <dan.mick at west.sun.com> writes:

> It means precisely what it says.  The wrapper script was run as gid
> 1, but was compiled to run as gid 105.  (Without knowing what you've
> put in your /etc/groups file, it's hard to say what named groups
> those are).
> The solution is also precisely in that message: reconfigure to take
> gid 1 (for the mail-gid at least).

The instructions for which are in the admin/www/install-trouble.html
file in the distribution.

I had the same problem myself and was pleased to find instructions for
the specific mailer I use (postfix).


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