[Mailman-Users] Unwanted Body Content

Pete Jewell morph at softhome.net
Thu Feb 22 12:28:38 CET 2001

Dan Mick <dan.mick at west.sun.com> writes:

> The right answer is to configure Outlook so that it sends plain-text emails
> without MIME sections.  Surely this must still be possible, even with the
> Evil Empire's tools.
> But yes, demime or stripmime are the other obvious solutions.  I'm about to
> roll out demime myself on my main Mailman list, because I'm tired of rejecting
> HTML messages by hand.

Which is exactly what I did after reading your message last night -
the biggest task was installing the various Perl modules I had missing
(the instructions don't tell you that you need HTML::Format) - but
once that was done installation of demime it self was a cinch (as per
the instructions) - works very well too, including preventing
attachments getting onto the list.

I'd tried stripmime previously, which, although it worked fine with
majordomo, left me with zero line messages when used with mailman.

Considering how complicated implementing a MIME parser and filter is,
it's probably not a good idea to implement it natively in mailman, but
to support the demime project instead.


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