[Mailman-Users] Multiple Servers

john at serion.co.nz john at serion.co.nz
Sat Feb 24 05:30:07 CET 2001

On 22-Feb-2001 Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
>     What should I do with mailman, and it's aliases if I have multiple
> MX servers for a domain?  When the actual mailman server is busy sending
> out email, incoming mail is/can be redirected to a second (backup)
> server that isn't as busy.  However, that backup doesn't have mailman on
> it so, uh...nothing happens, it just bounces.  Both servers are running
> sendmail.  Any ideas?

Why don't you set up a dummy MX for the server that mailman is on and always
have mailman use that same server?

Alternatively create a aliase on the second mail server which forwards the
mailman mail to the real server.


John Vorstermans
Serion E-Commerce Solutions

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