[Mailman-Users] load across servers

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Sat Feb 24 19:40:00 CET 2001

    Has anyone tried installing mailman on one server, in a directory
that's NFS mounted on a second machine (so that mailman is essentially
available on both servers), and have the load be distributed across both

    In other words: have the entire mailman config and db files, NFS
mounted on server two.  Mirror the sendmail aliases files and set the
servers up so that for sendmail, one is a master, and one is a backup so
that when one server becomes busy (sending mail out), the other can
receive mail for mailman, process it, and send mail out as well (instead
of having to wait for the primary server to become available)?

    Theoretically, if that works, one should also be able to do the same
for the web interface.  Instead of having one single web server to
serve, setup a second one (same name, different IP, using round robin)
that can do the same.  Since the main mailman files are really only on
one machine (but visible through NFS on the other) it ought to work, no?


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