[Mailman-Users] admin interface hang

gaydos at raleigh.ibm.com gaydos at raleigh.ibm.com
Mon Feb 26 22:07:33 CET 2001

Greetings.  Recently a number of folks have complained
that the admin web interface hangs for one of their mailing
lists, while the other admin interfaces for their other
lists work fine.
We just had a similar incident.  In our case the culprit
turned out to be the netscape cookie file on the machine
the list admin was using.  We renamed the cookie file
and cleared the stale mailman locks and he could reliably
use the admin interface.  As soon as we put the original
cookie file back the hangs came back.
The user is reluctant to send his cookie file to me for
testing so I don't think I'll get any closer to the real
I'm hoping that someone else having this issue might
be able to fix their problem similarly, and possibly
find the secret of the bad cookie.

Thanks, Gary

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