[Mailman-Users] customizing verify.txt (confirmation messages).

Dan Mick dmick at utopia.west.sun.com
Tue Feb 27 05:44:44 CET 2001

> Is there a way to customize it so that it only affects
> that particular list and not the others?  Or, is there
> some setting where you can tell a particular list to
> use a different set of config files besides
> /etc/mailman?

There's a patch I made to make list-specific templates.
It's on Sourceforge.

Mailman 2.1 will be language-localized, and also allow
per-list templates, I believe.
> And, on another note, does any one know how to "clone"
> a list (not a user).  I'm setting up a bunch of lists
> that all need the same preferences (archive off,
> moderated, etc.).  The only difference is that the
> name of the lists will be dfferent. Is there a way to
> setup the lists so I don't have to go through all of
> the admin html pages for each list?

bin/config_list will help (send the output to a file, edit
it, and read the input from the file)

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