[Mailman-Users] Email Admin Interface ... Pretty Please!!

Jeffrey Thompson jeffrey at thompsonic.com
Mon Jan 1 04:00:47 CET 2001

I would like to see these MailMan TODO items added.  Do we have an ETA
on when these might be done?  If we had an admin email interface (a nice
of Majordomo) that would make it a lot easier to administrate the list
(IE, approve a subscriptions
on a closed list).

>     - Provide an email interface to all administrative commands
>     - Add -join and -remove addresses for easy subscription,
>       unsubscription
>     - For email subscribes, keep an audit of where requests are coming
>       from, and send the original request headers in the confirmation
>       message.  Helps track down subscribe bombs.

Thanks for a nice, functional mailing list system and I hope it
to get better!

Jeffrey Thompson

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