[Mailman-Users] Run a list from a POP3 account

Brad Crockett bcrockett at home.com
Mon Jan 1 04:31:33 CET 2001

>mailing list using only a single pop3 account. I don't have my own domain

No takers? OK, here's a thought. If I set up procmail and aliases
properly, I might be able to get everything done by scanning the subject
(or body?) of the message, and have all list-bound email come in on the
same email address.

It seems to me, though, that it would be an up-hill battle to have the
subscribers receive the correct instructions for submitting list requests.
All of the docs out there for mailman say to use different addresses for
each request, and the system is set up to auto-respond with those same

Brad Crockett
b crockett at home dot com

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