[Mailman-Users] New Feature Request: View Archive By Admin Only

Jeffrey Thompson jeffrey at thompsonic.com
Mon Jan 1 17:24:08 CET 2001

I have a little problem: I would like to run an anonymous mailing list
with an archive
(Developers: good job on making the mailing list anonymous).    The
archive looks great.
It's anonymous.  But on the archive page, you have a link: download the
full raw archive

the problem: It contains all the header (un-anonymous) information of
all the people that posted
to the list.  That defeats the anonymous feature.  I have removed the
link from the page, and I'll probably
adjust the web server to turn off viewing of that particular file and
write my own password protected page
(I might peek at how MailMan authenticates the Admins and offer a patch
but it would be nice to have an additional option in the Archive
Section:  View Archive By Admin Only

It would be nice to still have the link on the Archive page, but only
allow admins to access it.


Jeffrey Thompson

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