[Mailman-Users] New Feature Request: A Half-Moderator

Phydeaux reb at taco.com
Mon Jan 1 23:48:02 CET 2001

At 05:44 PM 1/1/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>On my mailing list I have a real trouble maker (currently removed).
>So, I was just thinking, whether I could ask one list member, whether he
>would be willing to moderate this man's postings.
>If we could flag individual members for approving other's messages,
>a half-moderator in a sense, then that would further reduce the work of
>the "full moderators"
>So, the question is: Could a person become a half-moderator,
>who can approve messages of a person flagged for message
>moderating, but who would not be a full moderator who can
>see all the members email addresses, archives, etc.?

It's quite easy to have only a particular address (or a few) moderated.

Go to the "Privacy options" section of the administrative interface. Find
the section titled "Addresses whose postings are always held for approval."
enter the address there (in all lower case, I believe). Postings from the
cretin ... er ... user will then always cause you to be asked for approval.
The user *WILL* be notified of this when he tries to post. I had to do this
to someone and he got a clue rather fast.


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