Admin chunksize (was: [Mailman-Users] Re: Buglet or Bozo?)

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Tue Jan 2 23:50:08 CET 2001

>>>>> "P" == Phydeaux  <reb at> writes:

    P> I've not had this problem, but I tried to change the chunk size
    P> via the file. I set this:


    P> with no effect. I still get chunks of 30. I could change it in
    P> but I'd rather not have my changes wiped out
    P> if/when I upgrade. Besides, all the other things I changed
    P> worked fine. Does anyone have a clue?

In Mailman 2.0 the chunk size is stored as a list attribute
(mlist.admin_member_chunksize).  I think this was done to allow list
admins to customize the membership page, but there's no web interface
for changing this value.

While this is bogus, it won't change right away, so the best way to
change the chunksize is use bin/withlist or bin/config_list from the
command line.


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