[Mailman-Users] Implicit Destination

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Wed Jan 3 01:07:16 CET 2001

Douglas Munoz wrote:
> I think I found a solution, but wanted to check with the list to see if I am
> correct.
> I was poking around the excerpts and found that people were sending messages
> to my list "resume at foo.bar" with addresses such as "resume at foo.bar;
> resume at jobs.com; resume at frank.com; resume at blah.com; etc." 

I think there's information in here but I can't see it.  What do you mean
"with address such as resume at foo.bar; resume at jobs.com; etc.", exactly?
Do you mean messages that had

To: resume at foo.bar; resume at jobs.com


To: resume at foo.bar, resume at jobs.com


To: resume at foo.bar

 and others with

To: resume at jobs.com

or what?

In the first case, I *think* that's an illegal address; AFAIK, ';' is not allowed in an
email address; but if not, it's effectively the same as the second case.

In the second case, that's multiple addresses on one To: line, which includes
the list address you gave, so shouldn't be a problem.  

In the third case, the first message is to the list, so shouldn't cause a problem, but the 
second message is *not* to the list, and will definitely cause a problem.

> What I did was go
> into list admin and under privacy options, did the following:
> Ceiling on acceptable number of recipients for a posting >>> 1
> This was changed from the default of 10. Should this solve the problem?

???  "Implicit destination" means, as has been said, "the list address is not mentioned
in To: or Cc:"; the *number* of recipients doesn't affect and isn't affected by
the *content* of recipients.  No, this has nothing to do with the problem of
seeing messages held for approval because of implicit destination addresses.
> =Doug=
> "Douglas Munoz" <dmunoz at meyersgroup.com> writes:
> | I am running a very small, un-moderated list for the internal staff of my
> | company. It is basically set up to allow non-members (job seekers) to post
> | messages (resumes) to list members (HR).
> |
> | Every couple of days I will get notification that a message requires
> | administrative review. The reason given is:
> |
> | Reason:  Message has implicit destination
> |
> | I can't seem to figure out what is going on. I have looked through the
> | message excerpt on each to find a common thread, but no luck.
> When I saw this it was because of an To: header like this:
> To: Friends <addr1; addr2; addr3; addr4; ... >
> Where one of the addr's was the mailinglis address.
> Hmm...perhaps there should be a "Don't warn on implicit addresses"
> switch?
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