[Mailman-Users] Adding a new filter

Ian Clarke ian at octayne.com
Wed Jan 3 02:02:49 CET 2001

I have created a new filter in the style of bowa-strip and am unsure of
how to use it for a mailing list.

Could someone let me know?

For your interest, I have copied the filter below - it is designed to
spamproof email addresses in emails forwarded to Usenet.


# import gnu_public_license

import sys, __main__, string

input = sys.stdin.readlines()

for x in range(len(input)):
  if (string.find(input[x],"From") != -1):
    input[x] = string.replace(input[x], "@", "@nospam.")

# __main__.mailman_text = string.join(input,'')
for x in input:
  print x

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