[Mailman-Users] Implicit Destination

Jim Trigg jtrigg at huiekin.org
Wed Jan 3 05:52:07 CET 2001

At 07:07 PM 1/2/01, Dan Mick wrote:
>???  "Implicit destination" means, as has been said, "the list address is 
>not mentioned
>in To: or Cc:"; the *number* of recipients doesn't affect and isn't 
>affected by
>the *content* of recipients.  No, this has nothing to do with the problem of
>seeing messages held for approval because of implicit destination addresses.

However, what I've seen is that if the address in the To: header does not 
match the canonical listname (case-sensitive) I got the "Implicit 
destination" error until I either put a case-insensitive regexp into the 
"equivalent addresses" field or turned off the "require explicit 
destination" setting.

Jim Trigg

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