[Mailman-Users] Re: Upgrading

David Champion dgc at uchicago.edu
Wed Jan 3 11:47:36 CET 2001

On 2001.01.02, in <p04330118b677ace08d1c@[]>,
	"Chuq Von Rospach" <chuqui at plaidworks.com> wrote:
> At 7:24 AM -0500 1/2/01, Gary Wilson wrote:
> >Anyway could someone post the correct link or pass along the information on
> >what needs to be done to correctly upgrade from the beta version.
> the trick is to upgrade all of the templates. The easy way to do this 
> is (using tcsh):
> cd ~mailman/lists
> foreach i (*)
> cp ../templates/* $i
> end
> Taht'll copy in fresh copies of the templates to each list area and 
> update them. Do this after you do a make install.

But that blows away any per-list customizations.  You might want to
take note of lists which have been customized, and deal with them
manually.  Depends on your customers and your lists.

What I've done is to copy my old templates to ~mailman/old-templates,
	cd ~mailman
        for file in old-templates/*.html; do
                file=`basename $file`
                old=`sum old-templates/$file | cut "-d " -f1`
                new=`sum lists/$list/$file | cut "-d " -f1`
                if [ "$old" = "$new" ]; then
                        rm -f lists/$list/$file
        for file in templates/*.html; do
                file=`basename $file`
                if [ ! -f lists/$list/$file ]; then
                        cp -p templates/$file lists/$list/$file

This works in my situation, but could be simpler or harder for others.
In particular, that will require downtime - start HTTP and SMTP servers

BTW, that's bourne code.  I mention that since I see that Chuq's
example was in csh (though it probably works in zsh, god help us).

 -D.	dgc at uchicago.edu	NSIT	University of Chicago

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