[Mailman-Users] Can't Install Mailman Until Install GCC!!!

Ben Ocean zope at TheWebsons.com
Wed Jan 3 15:32:12 CET 2001

Forgive these newbie questions, but I *really* want to install Mailman!!! I
tried the GCC list but my questions weren’t answered. For the record, I own
my own server and it runs RedHat 6.2 (and I’m really not as dumb as these
questions may make me appear :) There they have the following installation
instructions. My questions are embedded:

Like most GNU software, GCC must be configured before it can be built. This
document describes the recommended configuration procedure for both native
and cross targets.
I’m not developing software: I only want to install Mailman. Is this
considered *native* or *cross-target*?
We use srcdir to refer to the toplevel source directory for GCC; we use
objdir to refer to the toplevel build/object directory.
What is *toplevel source directory* and *toplevel build/object directory*?
Can you give me an example?
First, we highly recommend that GCC be built into a separate directory than
the sources which does not reside within the source tree. This is how we
generally build GCC; building where srcdir == objdir should still work, but
doesn't get extensive testing; building where objdir is a subdirectory of
srcdir is unsupported.
What does this mean? Can you give me an example?
Second, when configuring a native system, either "cc" or "gcc" must be in
your path or you must set CC in your environment before running configure.
Otherwise the configuration scripts may fail.
What does this mean? Can you give an example?
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