[Mailman-Users] can not post to list

Matt Thoene matt at thoene.net
Wed Jan 3 23:41:03 CET 2001

MikeT at scitechsoft.com wrote:
> I can not mail a mailman user on my system.  Only root and admin
> can revieve mail on this machine.  If i write "Test" the name of a list
> on mailman i get:
> Unknown user: test at mailmanXXXXXX.com
> Should the list create the user to accept incoming mail for the list
> or did i miss something during setup.
> Also I do not have a /pipermail/test directory in my $prefix directory.
> Should this have been created when the list was created.  The list
> appears to be functional with the exception of being able to post to
> it.

Did you create the proper aliases in your aliases file?  If using
Sendmail, you'll need to put:

test:	"|/pathtoyourmailmanwrapper post test"
test-admin:	"|/pathtoyourmailmanwrapper mailowner test"
test-request:	"|/pathtoyourmailmanwrapper mailcmd test"
test-owner:	test-admin


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