[Mailman-Users] Help!! 2nd Request!!!

Ben Ocean zope at TheWebsons.com
Thu Jan 4 16:20:46 CET 2001

How can I install Mailman if I can’t install GCC??? How can I install GCC
when the instructions for installing it are written in Greek??? Look, I’m
not brain-dead, but it appears that whoever wrote the following intended to
keep GCC from being installed by all but a handful of techno-nerds:

Like most GNU software, GCC must be configured before it can be built. This
document describes the recommended configuration procedure for both native
and cross targets.
I just want to get Mailman up and running. I’ll install it on a few sites on
the machine. I’m not developing anything. So I assume that’s *native*?
We use srcdir to refer to the toplevel source directory for GCC; we use
objdir to refer to the toplevel build/object directory.
That’s nice. Plain English, this means what? Could someone give me an
*example* to show me how this applies?
First, we highly recommend that GCC be built into a separate directory than
the sources which does not reside within the source tree. This is how we
generally build GCC; building where srcdir == objdir should still work, but
doesn't get extensive testing; building where objdir is a subdirectory of
srcdir is unsupported.
First off, this sentence doesn’t even make sense (the English is so poor).
Can someone give me an example of this one, too?
Second, when configuring a native system, either "cc" or "gcc" must be in
your path or you must set CC in your environment before running configure.
Otherwise the configuration scripts may fail.
What path? An example here would help as well, thank you.
I’m obviously not as sophisticated as you high-level developers that put
this page together, but as a suggestion, if you’d like to get people that
are ramping up the computer language curve using your software, take a page
out of Jakob Nielsen’s book (any of them) and make the site a little more
user-friendly. If you want to keep it a private club, then hey, you’re doing
a great job, keep up the good work. I’d *still* appreciate it if someone
would be so kind as to help me get what appears to be the killer app in mail
programs going on my machine by answering these simple questions. Thanks.

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