[Mailman-Users] Help!! 2nd Request!!!

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at InTechnology.co.uk
Thu Jan 4 17:10:45 CET 2001

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If you don't have a development toolchain installed on your system then 
you have 2 solutions:-

  1. Acquire a pre-built one
     Does your vendor have a site (either run by them or by users)
     with current gnu tools?  If so get the packages from there.
     See eg
     also see Walnut Creek and GNU who sell CDs of binaries.

  2. Build your own
     Do this if you are into serious pain since you obviously have
     not been down this path before.
     You probably need not just the compiler, but a good variety
     of the other gnu tools.   You also need at least a partially
     working toolchain already on your box to build the new
     toolchain.  If not then you need to go back to stage 1.

For GCC you need a working(ish) basic compiler and several GB of build 
space.  You will need to build the compiler native.   No other info can 
be given here because you didn't give any clues at all as to what sort 
of box you are building this on....

To build python I guess you will need a substantial set of additional 
tools, although I have never built it myself.

Questions regarding the building of gcc and python should not be 
further discussed on this (mailman) list.


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