[Mailman-Users] Help!! 2nd Request!!!

Dave Klingler davek at mail.commercedata.com
Thu Jan 4 18:12:33 CET 2001

> How can I install Mailman if I can’t install GCC??? How can I install GCC
> when the instructions for installing it are written in Greek??? Look, I’m
> not brain-dead, but it appears that whoever wrote the following intended to
> keep GCC from being installed by all but a handful of techno-nerds:

Excellent!  We'll accept that since you're complaining about it, you're 
willing to improve the documentation yourself.  Many of the open source 
projects currently being developed suffer from a dearth of documentation
because the developers are too busy trying to improve them to write 
instructions.  There are just not enough unselfish folks like you who are 
frustrated enough with what's there to sit down and improve it for others' 

If you'd like to get some beginning help, check out the docs at 
www.linuxdoc.org.  Here again, keep in mind that this documentation is 
written by volunteers and enthusiasts.  And you put your finger on it; gcc
is a development tool, meant for a developer audience, a fierce crowd of 
staunch techno-nerds if ever there was one.  You can also find good help
at the O'Reilly publisher's website, www.oreilly.com, where many beginners
go to learn how to be techno-nerds.
> I’d *still* appreciate it if someone
> would be so kind as to help me get what appears to be the killer app in mail
> programs going on my machine by answering these simple questions. Thanks.
> BenO

Again, excellent!  The best way to show that appreciation is to keep careful
notes and help out!  If you get really stumped, there are probably people on
this list who would be willing to straighten you out in return for monetary
compensation, as well.

Dave Klingler

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