[Mailman-Users] Information request

Lady Tinor ltinor at nsi-ins.ca
Thu Jan 4 20:10:38 CET 2001

Our organization is considering using the Mailman software to administer 
its listserv(s) and while looking at your website, a few questions have 
raised.  Could you please provide, as soon as possible, some information on 
the following isues:

Subscribe/unsubscribe features: we would prefer that members subscribing to 
our list(s) would not have to use a password to subscribe.  It appears that 
we might be able to avoid this by using the  "mailto: " function. However, 
is there a way that the member would be able to unsubscribe WITHOUT using a 
password?  It is mentioned under the "feature information" on your website 
that the software uses "majordomo-style email based commands".  It is my 
understanding that with majordomo style commands one would simply need to 
write "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.  Can Mailman do the same. 
 We do NOT want our member to have to use a password for such functions AND 
we do NOT want them to receive any regular "password notification" at all. 
 The only information our member(s) should receive are our periodic 
announcement and nothing else.  Is this possible?

A immediate reply to this email would be greatly appreciated since we are 
currently considering your software for our uses, and need to make a 
decision in the near future.  Thank you.

Lady Tinor
Computer Systems Administrator

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