[Mailman-Users] Documentation for Mailman

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Fri Jan 5 01:27:11 CET 2001

Chris Kolar has a project, and I'm sure he would welcome the help.
See the pages starting at www.list.org for a link to his stuff.

> Greetings All,
> I am currently completing an implementation of the Mailman program on our 
> servers.  I do not pretend to understand all the ins and outs of why it 
> works however it seems to work very well.
> As I have been exploring around the program and watching this thread it 
> seems as if there are so many great features associated with this program 
> that are not documented.  Many of the issues I am talking about may seem 
> very elementary to more seasoned system administrators but they can become 
> a bit of a stumbling block for people like me.  Now I also understand that 
> any time you take on a project that you (I) do not fully understand there 
> is the opportunity for frustration ... but I have also learned that even 
> more so there is the opportunity to learn.
> With that in mind, I am wondering if there is an organized effort toward 
> further documentation?  If so I would like to contribute.
> I have some things that I have found (not a lot but more everyday) that I 
> think would have been easier if there was more extensive and organized 
> documentation.  I do not want to step on anybody's toes here ... however I 
> would like to start working on some additional documentation for the 
> program.  Who would be the best people to contact for this.
> I look forward to "repaying" (at least in part) the people who have worked 
> so hard on the coding of this program.
> Christopher
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> Christopher VanOosterhout
> Torresen Marine, Inc.
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> 231-759-8596
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