[Mailman-Users] Software Posting Problem

Tyler tyler at mkfightclub.net
Fri Jan 5 18:25:30 CET 2001


I am using the program through an installation on the my web host's server.
They told me that I was doing everything correctly and to contact you.
Since they installed the program on the server and not me, I'm not sure what
I can do about it, but maybe you can advise.  Here's the problem:

My lists are refusing to allow subscribers to post directly to the list.
Even though the box for "messages do not require approval" is checked, every
single message sent to the list is sent to the moderator for approval -
including messages from me - the moderator!

This is the message that is sent when a valid subscriber attempts to post to
the list:

"...Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval. The
reason it is being held: Message has implicit destination."

What does that mean?  The 'implicit destination' is the exact list address
in the "To" field.

I've tried posting with every possible combination - valid subscribers,
using the listname-owner, listname-admin, putting the addresses in the box
marked "Addresses that specifically DO NOT require moderator approval," and
still, every single message bounces back to me with a request to log in and
approve it.  Even when I post directly from the designated moderator's
address, it still comes right back to me in a matter of seconds asking me to
log in and approve my own request.

I posted to the HostRocket support board, and everyone else using Mailman
reported the exact same thing happening.  It doesn't seem to matter what
settings you put in - I've tried ALL of them - every message goes to the
moderator. This appears to be the only hitch in the entire program. Headers,
footers, archives, welcome/goodbye messages, etc., all perform perfectly.
I'm running two lists on eGroups I'm desperate to move before the Yahoo
merger goes into effect, so if you could tell me what my web host needs to
do to get this resolved, I would appreciate it.

This is a copy of the response I received when I filed a trouble ticket with
Your trouble ticket has gotten a response:


 Hello Tyler,
      It doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong, it sounds like
that is a problem with the script.  You should report the error to that
authors of the script.

John Reyes
HostRocket.com Support

 You can respond to this by <a
l=tyler at madison.tc>Clicking Here.</a>

Since the whole purpose of a mailing list is the ability to post messages, I
don't think this qualifies as a bug, but rather a faulty installation of
some sort, or an update patch missing.  They are using Version 2.0

Thank you,


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