[Mailman-Users] Recovering/resetting a list admin password

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Sat Jan 6 03:46:31 CET 2001

> >> > I lost the email giving me my list admin password for one list.
> >> > The site admin claims that there is no way to either recover or
> >> > reset that password, and that I have to recreate the list.  Is
> >> > that true, or can he use the site admin password to get access to
> >> > the list administrative page and reset the password that way?  It
> >> > looks to me from the documentation that he should be able to.
> >>
> >>They can do exactly as you suggest.  However internal security
> >>concerns, especially those surrounding forgery and impersonation may
> >>preculde them from doing what you ask.
> >
> >Then may I suggest to the Mailman development team that a way to get the
> >administrative password emailed to the listed administrators would be
> >useful (analogous to the button on the user options page to email the user
> >password to the user).  I find that being forced to recreate the list
> >simply because I forgot a password is rather unfortunate.
> >
> Well, to be sent back, the admin password would have to be kept around.
> Which is a security issue, about which something would have to be done.
> Theft of the admin password for a list is a more serious matter than theft
> of a subscriber's password.

This discussion is going down the wrong path; clearly, if an ISP
is providing Mailman services, it must also supply the "reset list
password" service or "reset site password" service, one of the two.
That's just life in the Service Provider industry.  If that means
they have to authenticate you-on-the-phone as who you say you are,
well, that's no different from any other task they have to do at
your direction.

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