[Mailman-Users] Python stops working

Mike B. yellofish at home.com
Sun Jan 7 07:41:52 CET 2001

I've used older versions of mailman (I just got 2.0) and this has never
happened.  I go to the page for any of the lists, admin or subscribe, and
watch the processes under linux top for apache.  python will start, run for
about 3 secconds, and then the CPU usage goes to zero, and the priority
drops to 0.  It just sits there like that until long after the browser gives
up or I kill the process manually.  Has this happened to anyone else?  How
do I fix it?

I just upgraded to python 2.0 as well, version 1.5.2 never returned from any
scripts, ever.

Thanks a lot,
--Mike B. / Yellofish software

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