[Mailman-Users] Information request

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sun Jan 7 20:12:21 CET 2001

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001 14:10:38 -0500 
Lady Tinor <ltinor at nsi-ins.ca> wrote:

> Our organization is considering using the Mailman software to
> administer its listserv(s) and while looking at your website, a
> few questions have raised.  Could you please provide, as soon as
> possible, some information on the following isues:

> It appears that we might be able to avoid this by using the
> "mailto: " function. However, is there a way that the member would
> be able to unsubscribe WITHOUT using a password?  

No.  This is intended for a future version but is not currently the
case.  If you'd care to submit a patch which adds this feature I'm
sure it would be warmly received.

> Can Mailman do the same. We do NOT want our member to have to use
> a password for such functions AND we do NOT want them to receive
> any regular "password notification" at all. The only information
> our member(s) should receive are our periodic announcement and
> nothing else.  Is this possible?

Currently passwords are required for unsubscriptions.  Changing this
would require a patch to the Mailman sources.  It is quite possible
to configure Mailman to not send password reminders.

> A immediate reply to this email would be greatly appreciated since
> we are currently considering your software for our uses, and need
> to make a decision in the near future.  Thank you.

Should you wish to add such supports to Mailman you can find the
compleat sources on Sourceforge ready for your patch:


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