[Mailman-Users] auto-responder

Dave Klingler davek at mail.commercedata.com
Mon Jan 8 17:16:06 CET 2001

Hi Jerry.

> I have tried to install mailman-2.0.1 on my linux server.
> After the installation, I created a new list and tried to subscribe to
> this list. However, the mail accounts for the auto-responders were not
> built.
> listname at yourhost.com -- the general posting address
> listname-request at ...  -- the automated "request bot" address
> listname-admin at ...    -- the human administrator address

You need to add these yourself to your /etc/aliases file (and run newaliases)
if you use sendmail or any other mailer which uses that method, or somehow
generate the aliases if you use another mailer which doesn't.  Try running
"bin/newlist testlist" and check out the aliases the program gives you at the 
end of the list creation process. 

Dave Klingler

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